Another 24 (2023)

In January of 1960, my grandmother boarded the S.S. Hai Siu en route from Keelung Harbor to San Francisco. Onboard, she would meet my grandfather, another young ex-patriate of China by way of Taiwan. A week into their voyage, their boat sprang a leak and the boat returned to Keelung for repairs. During this delay, my grandfather had the chance to meet his future father-in-law. They even played a game of go. That would be the last time my grandma and grandfather saw my great grandfather. He passed away later that year before my grandmother could visit him again.

How many suns did they see while traveling aboard the Hai Siu? So many firsts and lasts must have dotted their path…

“Another 24” is a portrait of the sun. The skeleton of the piece is a fragment of an aperiodic monotiling of a plane. To build the structure, multiple copies of a single aperiodic monotile are used to form larger “metatiles”. These metatiles are then used to recursively construct larger metatiles until a sufficiently large canvas is formed. On this canvas, the atomic unit of coloration is just one of these tiles. By definition, the aperiodic monotile is a single tile which can tesselate a plane without periodicity. In this way, each iteration of “Another 24” contains a small corner of infinity.

The collection will be made available on Highlight

The tiling is based off of an aperiodic monotiling demo, hatviz.